AXIS Show Unites 13 VCCA Fellows

Fellows who come to VCCA speak about the heady atmosphere of creativity and support that pervades the place. The many collaborations that have blossomed between Fellows over the years stand as testament to this, as does our annual Commission event that places collaboration front and center.
But perhaps there has never been a collaborative happening quite like the upcoming exhibition at the Brentwood Arts Exchange (Brentwood, MD). AXIS unites 13 visual, digital, sound and literary artists who are VCCA Fellows. According to Indrani Nayar-Gall, the show’s title “suggests a center or core that is capable of connecting, changing, and moving things, people and ideas to create a multitude of possibilities and alliances; it is a crucial transformative concept at this point in history. Fitting with the title, this exhibition brings together contemporary artwork by artists from across the United States and Europe whose work connects in spirit while it diverges in form.”
The show’s genesis can be traced to a VCCA open studio in October 2012. Struck by the range and quality of the work being produced, Indrani and Judith Pratt bandied about the possibility of an exhibition showcasing the work of VCCA Fellows. There followed two years of planning, sending out proposals, and collaborating. AXIS will open at DC’s Brentwood Arts Exchange on September 2 and run through October 18.
 “We are so pleased to have this show become a reality,” says Judith. “To shine a spotlight on all that VCCA does for its artists. We also hope the show encourages many more people to seek out what VCCA has to offer.” The 13 AXIS artists are: Jo Ann Biagini (CA) • Julia Bloom (DC) • Blinn Jacobs (CT) • Caroline Burton (NY) Alonzo Davis (MD) • de’ Angelo Dia (NC) • Rebecca Morgan Frank (MS) • David R. Lincoln (NY) Joan Michelson (UK) • Indrani Nayar-Gall (NC) • Judith Pratt (VA) • Jessica Deane Rosner (RI) • Aaron Stepp) (KY). 

There will be an artists talk featuring several of the artists on October 4 at 2:00 PM. 


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