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From Fellows Council Chair Karen Bell

I just returned home after a wonderful 3 weeks at the VCCA. I was fortunate to be joined by 4 other Council members - Anne LeClaire, Laura Kaminsky, Loren Graham and Claire Lieberman. All told, we represented 4 parts of the country, 5, if you include Kerry Dolan and David Haynes joining us by phone from the west coast for a meeting. Thanks to all for your ongoing participation on behalf of all the Fellows.
While in residence, I learned that 4,000 people have had the pleasure of being in residence at the VCCA over its 37 year history. That's a lot of people who have benefitted from all that the VCCA has to offer. As we all know, the freedom to create comes at great expense. Especially in these difficult financial times. Think about it - if everyone who has passed through the doors contributed $10.00 - we could say a collective "Thank You" with a $40,000 gift.

Please consider making a $10 donation. And, if it's within your means, please consider a larger donatio…