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The Etchings Festival returns to Auvillar

Beginning June 30th, the Etchings Festival for Contemporary Music will again come to the village of Auvillar. In its tenth year, this festival is a collaboration between VCCA and ECCE and hosts world-renowned master composers and participant composers to develop new contemporary music.
The Etchings Festival will host 18 composers from five countries for eight days of workshops, as well as performances for the community in the beautiful village of Auvillar. This years master composers will be Philippe Hurel, Erin Gee, John Aylward, and Martin Brody.
On Friday, July 6th at 2p.m., 20 students visit from the Music School of Deux Rives in Valence d'Agen, will attend a rehearsal and a presentation by Jean-Philippe Wurtz.

Dana Jones, Assistant Director of Artists’ Services will be in Auvillar working in support of the Etchings Festival and will share her perspective throughout her visit. Check back for updates or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for an insider’s view of this unique f…