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Friday Fellow: Michelle La Perrière

This week, our Friday Fellow, Michelle La Perrière, shares her recent process in her own words.

In this day and age of the KonMari Method, it seems that I would be embarrassed about the boxes of old school papers I had shipped from my childhood home in Denver to where I live now, Baltimore after my mom died in 2010. They’ve been stored in the attic since then, and a couple weeks before my residency, in my efforts to declutter and get rid of things that “don’t spark joy,” I opened them up.

I knew there would be some old Seventeen Magazines, English papers from Mr. Keinon’s 11th grade English class… “love” letters from friends, written in Mrs. Johnson’s 9th-grade typing class, but I didn’t remember the math papers. What the…
You see, I flunked geometry in 9th grade and had to take it in high school. But really, going back further, I first became math anxious in Mrs. Kotnik’s fourth-grade class when we had to do timed multiplication and division quizzes every week. I failed those until th…