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Farewell to a great friend of VCCA

VCCA said goodbye last week to Gabe Silverman, a good friend and ardent supporter. His unexpected death has left us all in shock.
Gabe came to know VCCA through his wife– visual artist, VCCA board member and seven-time VCCA Fellow Karen Shea, and he buoyed us over the years, providing insight and inspiration, helping to arrange venues for fundraisers, and doing what he did best…making connections that made the world a better place.His creative vision and generosity of spirit will be missed by all of us at VCCA.
The Silverman family has been so much a part of the VCCA family over the years, beginning first with Karen and Gabe and then extending to their daughters: Taije, a poet and four-time VCCA Fellow, and Kia, a past member of VCCA’s Board of Directors.An endowed Fellowship in Karen Shea Silverman’s memory was established in 2004.

The Library of Virginia Literary Awards

The Library of Virginia Literary Awards is a prestigious award that honors Virginia authors or, in the case of nonfiction, work on a Virginia subject.  This year, the VCCA was well-represented by both the finalists and winners.  All of the poetry finalists, Claudia Emerson, David Huddle, and LuAnn Keener-Mikenas have been in residency on Mt. San Angelo, and two of the three fiction finalists, Clifford Garstang and Christopher Tilghman, have also spent time at the VCCA.  

The VCCA is proud to announce that both the poetry and fiction prizes were awarded to Fellows LuAnn Keener-Mikenas and Clifford Garstang.

LuAnn sent us an account of her experience at The Library of Virginia Literary Awards.  In her account, she says "The Library of Virginia does a beautiful job of orchestrating this event, with gorgeous accommodations, the very tangible tokens of medals and crystal books along with the monetary award, and the glorious dinner and presentation ceremony. The tables were lit with …