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Etchings 2017

Attention Composers! 
Here’s your chance to work with composers Raphaël Cendo and Philippe Leroux and premiere a new work with the Ecce Ensemble. This year's Etchings program takes place from June 26th to July 3rd, 2017. For more information and to apply:
VCCA Fellow John Aylward, began the Etchings Festival in 2009, collaborating with VCCA at its Moulin à Nef Studio Center in Auvillar, France. VCCA's wish to have an international program that would further its mission of arts advocacy combined with John’s desire to create a positive environment for young emerging composers, where they would develop their craft through honest, frank interactions with each other. In a hyperactive Internet culture, it is more and more a unique experience to retreat to a quiet place to cultivate your art in a community of other passionate artists. To be influenced by such a community while being mentored by some …