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New work by Andrea Clearfield premiered

Andrea Clearfield's new work for Carol Wincenc's Ruby Anniverary Series, "...and low to the lake falls home...A Memoriam to Joseph and Margaret Wincenc" was premiered at the Morgan Library, NYC on February 22, 2010 by Les Amies trio with nationally renowned flutist Carol Wincenc and New York Philharmonic principal players Cynthia Phelps (viola) and Nancy Allen (harp). The five-movement work, composed at the VCCA and The MacDowell Colony was commissioned by Carol Wincenc in commemoration of her parents. The concert was sold out and the NY Times wrote a favorable review. For more information:

Winter storms at Mt. San Angelo

Beautiful drifts of snow grace the walk up to the Studio Barn. Seventeen inches of snow on December 17, another eleven on January 29, and about six inches last weekend have VCCA staff and Fellows slipping and sliding back and forth to the Studio Barn.

As those of us in Virginia are accustomed to milder winters, the winter of 2009-10 has been a challenge, albeit a beautiful one.