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Etchings 2018 in the books!


The Auvillar Community Connection

VCCA’s programming in Auvillar is greatly enriched by the Auvillar community and it's surrounding areas.

This has become clear during the Etchings Festival when a number of community members welcomed guest composers, performers, and participants into their homes. Jacques and Annick Sarraut hosted a beautiful dinner for the entire Etchings Festival as well as others from the community. After a successful first concert, Joelle Cywie welcomed the Etchings guest composers, performers, and staff into her home for celebratory champagne and dessert.

VCCA-France has members in the United States, Auvillar, and the surrounding communities. Many of these members support the programming by welcoming VCCA Fellows in residence or program participants into their homes for cooking demonstrations and meals, and by taking them to visit local sites during their time in Auvillar as well as attending events hosted by VCCA. The VCCA-France is currently helping to raise funds to purchase a keyboard for…

Etchings Is Underway!

The port of Auvillar is full of music now that the Etchings Festival has begun. From the banks of the Garonne River and walking along Esplanade du Port, part of the Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimage route that runs through Auvillar and right in front of the Moulin a Nèf, you can hear the creation of music in progress. 

Beginning with the arrival dinner on June 30, the guest composers, performers and participants have come together in the village to create, polish, and explore contemporary music.

A view from the lavoir on Rue de la Fontaine across the river. Rue de la Fontaine is part of the steep hill up to the village from the port. 

The lavoir is a nice spot for a breather, as it is just past the steepest part of the hill and there is a small population of frogs and fish that live in the water there.