Ariel Blumenthal Receives Residency for Israeli Artists

Composer Ariel Blumenthal is currently in residence courtesy of a Fellowship funded by Mark and Barbara Fried of Crozet, Virginia. Initiated by the Frieds to benefit an Israeli writer, composer or visual artist, the award has provided a one-month residency for Ariel, who lives and works in Los Angeles. While in residence, Ariel is completing "Izkor," a 45-minute piece for orchestra, choir and soloists commemorating the fallen soldiers and civilians in Israel's history. The piece includes classic Israeli text for "Yom Hazikaron," Israeli Memorial Day.

Ariel's work has been performed internationally, and he is the recipient of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra composition competition, and the Tel Aviv Music Academy composition competition. In the commercial world, his music had been heard in films at the 2006 Cannes, 2005 Berlin and 2005 Sundance film festivals. His orchestral work, "Rabin," was performed by the Chicago Civic Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the TICO Ochestra of San Diego. "Malachines" (Angels) was performed by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony, "Trumpet Concerto" was performed by Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, and the chamber piece "Lebanon" was performed at the Voice of Music and the Wallonie International Festivals. He has served as the musical Director of chamber ensemble Synergy and choir Flay Shir in Los Angeles, and is affiliated with the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity and BMI.


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