From the Fellows' Council Chair

I hope everyone is having a good, productive winter. Spring is making an occasional appearance at VCCA, or so I’m told. It can’t come soon enough.

By now you have probably received a copy of my letter asking for your support to keep the good coffee flowing, the newspapers delivered and, now, fresh and local food. Our new chef, Rhonda Scovill, is making magic in the kitchen with fresh produce, local eggs, apples and more. (Please read the earlier post about Rhonda.) I hope you will consider a donation – whatever fits your budget – to support Rhonda in her efforts to help the VCCA grow “greener.”

For those who prefer to get their news online – the VCCA now has increased access to the internet: you can now get online in most of the studios, the bedrooms, and of course in the library and living room.

Dorothy is doing well. She is working fewer hours – but, like Robert, is there to greet you with a big smile, and if you’re lucky, a big hug in the morning.

We will soon be asking for nominations for the upcoming election of new members of the Council. If you are interested in putting your name, or the name(s) of other Fellows forward, contact Sheila with a note expressing your interest, along with some biographical info on the person(s).

In addition to the blog that Amy continues to update, take a look at, where you can join two VCCA groups: "VCCA Fellows" and the "Virginia Center for the Creative Arts" group. It's free, fun, and a good place to post info re: upcoming exhibitions, concerts, readings and other events.

Have fun, keep up the good work, and stay in touch….

Karen Bell
VCCA Fellows' Council Chair

Photo by Karen Bell


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