VCCA Does Superbowl the VCCA Way

By guest blogger and VCCA fellow Debbie Galant

Normally, I'm the kind of person who looks forwarded to the Superbowl as the day when art museums and movie theaters are empty. I'm not a sports fan, though I like the sound of baseball on the radio in the summer, and football is ordinarily my least favorite sport.

My indifference towards the Superbowl is pretty standard for VCCA. Last night when I mentioned it at dinner, I was met by blank stares. Not a surprise: I couldn't sell "The Simpsons" last time I was here, and there was only spotty interest in "The Colbert Report." If you want to be popular in the TV room at VCCA, you probably ought to have a Lina Wertmuller festival.

However, things change. The Giants are in the Superbowl, and in my day job, that's a pretty big deal. I figured this out about three weeks ago when I was in Fitzgeralds 1928 in Glen Ridge, and people were screaming at the television and then there was a really big scream -- we'd just advanced to the playoffs -- and then the owners went around to all the tables and said drinks were on the house.

Long story short, we (I default to the first-person plural when given a new blog to mess up) have come up with a way for the Superbowl to be fun even to the testosterone challenged. Click on the picture above to read the invitation, which calls for the sound on the TV to be off (unless someone wants the sound on), and allows talking and dancing. Everybody can bring their own iPod to contribute music. Chef Rhonda was thrilled that the two huge bags of potato chips she bought on the off-chance anybody cared won't go to waste, and Liz (last name-TK) even donated a big bottle of red wine as she drove off into the Real World. Please join us.

I only have one more thing to say: GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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