Fellow Receives Fulbright

Amy Cheng writes to tell us that she has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Lecture/Research award to be a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Painting Program of São Paulo University in Brazil. She will also be traveling the country researching Brazilian folk and decorative art. She will be in Brazil from July to mid-December 2008.

"I will forever associate the VCCA with my Fulbright application process and I thank you once more for your support of my work," she says. "I spent an intensive weekend at the Sweet Briar College computing center last June while in residence at the VCCA putting my Fulbright Project Proposal together. I also received a lot of support and advice from VCCA Fellows, people who read and gave me feedback on my draft proposal, people who had been Fulbright Fellows who gave me tips on my proposal application, and even Portuguese and Latin knowledgeable- people who help me prepare for my Portuguese language proficiency test."


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