Sous Chef Zane Burchett and the Dynamic Kitchen Love

As Chef Rhonda settles the VCCA into a new culinary rhythm, she has hired sous chef Zane Burchett to work full time, making breakfast, lunches and dinners. He'll greet you four mornings a week at breakfast, and be there at the end of the day when you sit down to dinner.

Originally from Richmond, Zane grew up in the kitchen, working side by side with his mother. Currently living in nearby Schuyler with his wife Marcie Martinez, Zane brings varied talents to the VCCA. He is a vegetarian who grinds his own ingredients, including sugar, wheat berries for flour, and even his own seasonings. And, after five years at the humongously popular Dr. Ho's Humble Pie near Charlottesville, Zane possesses practically unparalleled gourmet pizza making skills.

"Zane is fabulous and there are many ideas and perspectives we share, and enough things are different that I think we compliment each other," says Chef Rhonda. "He's totally 'green' and understands what leaving a footprint is all about. He's incredibly kind and generous and together I think we can create some dynamic kitchen love for VCCA!"

Zane echos Chef Rhonda's food philosophy. "I want to know where my food comes from and I prefer organic and home grown," he says.

He cooks with a lot of garlic and onions and is interested in helping bring many unique and flavorful vegetarian entrees to Fellows, including curries and stir fries.

Pizza has already appeared at dinner with toppings that range from artichoke hearts to feta cheese to seafood. He spins 20 pounds of dough to make 8 pizzas. And while he won't share the secret to the raved-about pizzas, he does admit to one essential ingredient:

"I make all my food with love," he says. And, instantly, we know that he means it.

Welcome, Zane! we're glad you're here.


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