I'll Never Be French Has Deep VCCA Roots

It was 1990 and the last thing on Mark Greenside's mind was living and working in France. But during a VCCA residency that spring, he met Fellow and poet Kathryn Levy, whose innocent suggestion that they travel to France, literally changed the course of his life. "Kathryn is a Francophile, fluent, a lover of most things French, except their politics," said Mark. "It would not have been a surprise to anyone who knows her—except, of course, me—that she wanted to return to France, to Brittany, where she’d been before, and wanted me to go with her. I’ll Never Be French is the story of our trip over and the first few years of my life in Brittany. "

I'll Never Be French will be published in November by Simon and Schuster. Order your copy today!

Mark, who divides his time between California and Brittany, is the author of "I Saw a Man Hit his Wife," a collection of short stories that has been nominated for awards from PEN Hemingway, PEN Faulkner, PEN USA West, Pushcart, Fisk, Commonwealth Club, and LSU/Southern Review, among others. His work has appeared in a number of literary journals. He is currently working on a second collection of stories, The Age of D.E.A.T.H. (The Decline and Expiration of America's Teleological Hallucination), and a second book about France, How I Learned about Driving, Shopping, Banking, Cooking, Eating, and Getting Sick in France.


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