More Reasons to Take Poetry Workshop in France

A continuation from Friday's post detailing the Top 10 Reasons to study poetry with Marilyn Kallet in France:

Reason 5: You can't not write in Auvillar. The air is perfumed with roses, the river is silver and green, the laughing gulls sound like tugboats from a children's book.

Reason 5: The elders in Auvillar will tell you stories about the war. They will tell you who helped the Nazis, who fought them, and who just tried to get along.

Reason 3: The water is kept crystal clear, so that pilgrims, who are walking the past of St. Jacques of Campostelle, the ancient path, can always count on clean water.

Reason 2: You can't not write. You will take your poetry to the next level. You will write your heart out.

And the penultimate reason to study with Marilyn in France this summer, in her own words:

"I have lived in the village of Auvillar, and have made contacts there among the villagers (and among the dogs). I know elders and children. I know Maria, the soothsayer, who lives by the canal. She has the gift (and for three Euros, you can get it transferred from her to you!) I know the best places to eat, and where to find the fields of sunflowers. I know the best chocolate shop in the neighboring village (worth the trip to France). I know the cafe where the local men play boci ball, and want Americans to join in! Beer is cheap, cider is strong, and wine--well, we're in France!"


holen kahn said…
And Marilyn is fabulous. She is a joy to be in France with. She has already charmed the villagers of Auvillar, and you are sure to have jams and other goodies left at the door. Not to mention the Poetry!!

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