Write in France this Summer with VCCA Poet Marilyn Kallet

Marilyn Kallet has been blogging on RedRoom.com about the Top 10 Reasons to attend her poetry workshop (June 12-18, 2009) at our studio center in Auvillar, France. Today, reasons 10-6. Check back on Monday for reasons 5-2, plus the Penultimate Reason.

Number 10: You can buy 2005 Bordeaux at the supermarket in Valence d'Angens for about 4 Euros. Some of these wines you will not find in the United States. They are the color of rubies in a sunset, and they taste even better than their gleam.

Number 9: The cheese dealer in the open market at Valence looks like Antonio Banderas, and he likes American women.

Number 8: The villagers are so friendly that your French will come back to you--even if you have no French.

Number 7: The sunlight on the Garonne River changes its countenance moment-by-moment.

Number 6: The cognac and Armagnac dealers in the open markets give samples.

Click here for more information and to register. You may also email Marilyn.

Photo by April Morgan


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