In Memorium: Julie Portman

It is with sadness that we report that longtime VCCA Fellow Julie Portman, died Dec. 21 following a long illness. Her husband, songwriter and VCCA Fellow Paul Reisler has organized a celebration of her life to be held Sat., Jan 31 at the Theatre House in Castleton, VA. Friends are asked to RSVP by emailing or calling 540-937-8969. There will be a 2:30 showing of Julie's play Conference of the Birds and 4:00 concert followed by pot-luck supper & song circle sharing.

Julie was an Obie-award winning playwright, actress, director, storyteller, singer, and teacher. In 1986 she founded Ki Theatre in Rappahanock County, Virginia, and was artistic director there for 22 years. Story was always at the center of Julie’s work on stage, television, as a writer and a master teacher. She was the creator of the Life Stories Workshop Process, which empowers people to become the author of their lives.

She will be greatly missed and the entire VCCA community sends its heartfelt condolences to her family.

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Anonymous said…
I just looked up Julie on the web to see if she was offering any writing workshops this summer. I am so sorry. I will miss her tremendously. I didn't see her often, but always her encouragement made me more than I thought I could be. I was in several workshops with her, and through her had two short short plays produced at Ki Theatre. So generous, warm, brilliant, beautiful. Paul, I met you but I don't know you. My heart is with you. Sharon Davie
Anonymous said…
Every time I spent time with Julie I felt inspired and connected.

Now every time I think of her...many moons after her passing, I feel the same thing and more.
Marilyn Tomeo said…
Julie was my life line when she was my drama teacher at Boston Conservatory 1968-69. I also went to Davis and Elkins College in and studied with her there. She became a personal friend as well as a teach. I don't know what made me look her up today. I was shocked to see she had died in 09. Lessons in impermanence are all around us. I am sorry to have lost touch with her many years ago. She will be the brightest light on the other side. Om Ma Mei Bei May Hung. May all beings have freedom from suffering.
Anonymous said…
It has been decades since I studied with Julie, but I will never forget her. She was intensely creative and I sometimes felt that she literally transferred that creativity to others through her gaze. She inspired me to be a better artist, and to see the world through the lens of art. I am terribly sad to hear of her passing.
Anonymous said…
I studied Kathakali and personal myth with Julie at D&E. What an amazing soul.

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