VCCA Executive Director Suny Monk Announces Her Retirement

VCCA's 40th Anniversary is proving to be a year of affirmation and renewal. After fifteen years of building and nurturing a creative space for hundreds of Fellows, VCCA Executive Director Suny Monk is making plans to return to her own creative hearth. In her words, "Watching you has been inspiration and siren song. I want to make art too."

"My life has been unbelievably enriched by association with you, but it's the right moment to turn over the vision for our beloved VCCA to another. And after fifteen years, it's time for me to return to my own studio work."

As VCCA celebrates 40 years, we will also celebrate the dedication and inspiration of Suny Monk, whose passionate support of our Fellows and their work was so important to achieving this milestone year.

To read Suny's letter to Fellows in full, click here.


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