Art + Music + Friends = VCCA 40th in Cville!

In the heavenly gardens of Casa Maria, tents rose like cathedrals to welcome VCCA friends and Fellows for an evening of beauty, art and conversation. The celebrations included a silent auction of fabulous works by 40 local artists, a live auction, and a delectable dinner created by Mark Hahn and the incredible Harvest Moon Catering. Charlotte Matthews wrote poems for folks on the spot - and at the end of the evening, there was dancing under the Moroccan tent to the jazzy beat of Johnny Hott's Piedmont Souprize.

To see the Newsplex television studios film clip, CLICK HERE

Thanks to everyone who donated their time and talent to make VCCA's 40th Anniversary Celebration at Casa Maria so memorable - including these wonderful artists:
Isabelle Abbot
Sam Abell
William Albert Allard
Janice Arone
Nancy Bass
Josef Beery + VABC
C. Pamela Black
Karen Blair
Robin Braun
Cynthia Burke
Ann E. Cheeks
Suzanne Tanner Chitwood
Kelly Wilkinson Coffin
Jessie Coles
Trish Crowe
Richard Crozier
Dean Dass
Gray Dodson
John Borden Evans
Stacey Evans
Shelby Fischer
Lara Call Gastinger
John Grant
Sarah Green
John M. Hetzel
Helen Hilliard
Peter Krebs
Fleming Lunsford
Megan Marlatt
Frederick D. Nichols
Tim O'Kane
Lincoln Perry
Sharon Shapiro
Kiki Slaughter
Rob Tarbell
Steve Taylor
Edward Thomas
Linda van der Linde
Priscilla Long Whitlock
Clay Witt


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