Ward Jackson Restrospective in Santa Fe, NM

"Ward Jackson's geometric abstract paintings constitute one of the great under-known bodies of work in post-War American art."
Stephen Westfall

"Widely known for his encyclopedic knowledge of art and artists, Ward Jackson was an active, opinionated, and informed participant in the New York art world that he so loved." Julian Jackson/Rene Lynch

1928 - 2004
A Survey of Five Decades
Through February 18, 2012
David Richard Contemporary Gallery
Santa Fe, NM

Originally from Petersburg, Virginia, Ward Jackson settled in New York where he had his first solo exhibition at the Fleischman Gallery in 1956. Since then, his work has exhibited throughout New York and all over Europe. His signature style is described as "austere, hard edged geometric compositions on square and diamond shaped canvases." But it is also "...about pleasure, a civilized, balanced pleasure that is both analytical and sensuous." (Lilly Wei, from the catalog essay: Ward Jackson: An Artist of the American Century.)

Jackson was also the archivist and the director of the viewing program at the Guggenheim Museum for nearly 40 years, as well as co-founder of ART NOW in New York. He was a VCCA Fellow several times from the 70s to the 90s. He passed away in February of 2004.


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