VCCA Fellow Ed Falco Writes Prequel to "The Godfather"


What's in a name? Well, if the name is Falco, it seems you have an ability to plumb the depths of fascinating mafia characters. Edie Falco was the memorable Carmela, Tony's wife in The Sopranos on HBO. Now her uncle, a professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, has written a prequel to Mario Puzo's The Godfather entitled The Family Corleone. Only released this past Tuesday, it's already heading up the charts.

Set in the 1930s Depression, The Family Corleone is based on portions of the screenplay written by Mario Puzo for Godfather 3 and 4—but never produced.
It fills the gap between The Godfather, when Vito Corleone was in his 60s, and The Godfather Part II, when Vito was in his 20s. In The Family Corleone, Vito is in his 40s and his eldest son, Sonny, is 17. 

Having grown up in an Italian neighborhood of Brooklyn, Falco describes the teenage Sonny Corleone in his book as, "Like one of my uncles. Not terribly smart but full of opinions! A sweet guy who might smack you up side the head at any moment." (USA Today) Falco also draws a vivid, frightening portrait of the early Luca Brasi, the brutal and tormented henchman of Vito.

Well-known in literary circles for his award-winning short story collections, novels, plays and poetry, this is Edward Falco's first foray into "popular fiction" writing.


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