Poet Charlotte H. Matthews' Beautiful Poem About "Bright Shiny Me"

Garden of Mirrors

                        The sky flashes and the great sea yearns
                                                               John Berryman

Because the feathers of a hummingbird diffract light
a dull bird will, without warning, turn a resplendent green,
an irredemable red.

We came to Morven Farm to be part of what has no
easy definition.  We came, more accurately, out of yearning
need for art.

What we shared was not just a one night stand because
many of us will wake dismantled, will see the garden
of mirrors again.

Every once in a while we get the chance to be idea makers.
Every once in a while we get a glimpse of what moves so
fast it can

only be seen in photograph:  think prop plane, think hummingbirds’
wings. Think how this night reminded each of us:
Bright Shiny Me.

Poet and VCCA Fellow
Charlottesville, Virginia 


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