Trail Clearing

A walk in the woods can be contemplative, restorative and inspirational. One VCCA Fellow even makes it his practice to take this sylvan route from the residence to his studio each morning, returning that way in the evening.

So it was most hands on deck for a much-needed trail-clearing afternoon on Friday, June 5. Following the 2012 derecho (see: ) a good deal of windfall had come down on the path. That, coupled with the burgeoning undergrowth (lots of poison ivy), made it imperative for work to be done so that VCCA Fellows are able to enjoy the lovely woods.

Greg and David built a handsome new bridge to cross the morass at the bottom of the hill near the trailhead and Sheila, Carol, Richard, Dana, Sarah and the intrepid Aiden (six years old) accompanied by Fellows, John Hill and Joshua Bienko, set off on the white trail looping around to continue work on the red trail. Gwen and Mike soon overtook us using a nifty power saw on a pole gizmo, which made short work of the bigger limbs and trunks.

In addition to clearing the trail, the view in front of the bench overlooking the small lake was freed from a prodigious snarl of bushes and vines so that now one can pause for a spell and perhaps spot a heron coming in for a landing as we ourselves did.


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