Gallmeister Melds Delicacy and Strength at Show in Neubrandenburg

The exhibition, Five Positions of Present in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania features the work of VCCA Fellow Ute Gallmeister along with Linda Perthen, Susanne Rast, Holger Stark, Ruzica Zajec. (June 22- August 31)
Gallmeister’s work seems to be conducting a lively dialogue between line and form. With her paintings she employs subtle colors in unusual pairings, which impart a notable visual richness that is further enhanced by the textural quality of her surfaces. 
These are deceptively quiet works that carry a big payoff. In her pen and ink drawings, color is absent and line takes control of the situation with great authority.

Gallmeister says, “I want to thank you at VCCA for all supports, talks, inspirations, motivations, enjoyments, experiences, adventures...! All was a part in the process of my last work.”    


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