O'Malley's Animated Film: In the Blink of an Eye

Brian C. O'Malley’s enigmatic In the Blink of an Eye is based on a man’s dream in which he becomes Icarus. O’Malley says the project started as a response to “a thematic dream that I believe we all have, which is the feeling of flying, levitating, or falling.” It was only later that he began to incorporate his version of the myth of Icarus. “If Icarus and his father Daedalus, were after freedom, then my character is seeking transcendence.”

Inspired by a suite of mixed media drawings he was working on at the time,  O’Malley undertook the film in July, 2012. To create the animation, he uses his drawings composited in Adobe After Effects, with the addition of live-action footage. O’Malley eschews the tools of traditional animators, like storyboards and linear narration, preferring a more intuitive, hands-on approach. He says of his work: “There has been a wonderful “call and response” in my studio during this time. I have been able to weave the ideas and imagery of large-scale drawings into the film, adding very expressive and painterly qualities to scenes, giving these drawings a life outside of a wall or frame, and a wonderful way for me to share with an audience that would otherwise not see my work.”


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