John Hill's "Monkey Number One"

John Hill reports that "Monkey Number One," which he read at VCCA during his spring residency, will be published in The Southampton Review’s summer issue. 

The story, about a father and son traveling to Costa Rica, in what is intended as a bonding experience, reveals, instead, “the relatively inept father's bumbling in trying to make a connection with his son.” Hill reports that his son “with whom I have a really good relationship,” upon hearing him read it, said, "I'm gonna need some serious therapy."

Hill’s background is as a musician. He’s been involved in almost every aspect of the music business, as studio musician, songwriter, producer (for Columbia Records) and winner of seven Clios for commercials. Most recently, Hill has composed music for film and TV and is a teacher of Film Music at the UCLA Extension. He divides his time between New Jersey, and Palo Alto, California. Hill has an MFA in creative writing from Bennington.


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