Julia Werntz's Book Within a Book

Julia Werntz reports that her residency at VCCA in May/June “was the best ever—I had a great time, connected with very interesting people, and got very important work done.” In addition to completing the songs she was working on (for a spring 2015 performance), she also finished a book—“really a book within a book”—on microtonal ear training and composition.

The book will be published along with other articles on microtonal music, in a single volume, titled 1001 Microtones this fall in Hamburg, Germany by von Bockel Verlag. “Much of the content will be in English,” Julia says. “And the book will be distributed in the US as well as Europe. This is a good thing, since there is great interest these days in microtonal music, and there is a demand for such a book. I will be having my students in my microtones class at the New England Conservatory buy it, as well.” http://juliawerntz.com/wp/bio/


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