Lieberman's "Ice Guns"

Claire Lieberman’s Ice Gun series (1999–present) will be part of Clear and Present Danger, at Hot Wood Arts, Brooklyn, NY, July 25-August 17.  In shape, Lieberman’s guns are futuristic in a fanciful way, like something Flash Gordon might be packing, but the clear glass turns these associations on their head, inserting an astringency and fragility. Choosing such a breakable and transparent material as uncolored glass to create something we expect to be solid and extremely durable sets up an interesting tension.

For Lieberman, the fluid quality of glass is what appeals. It’s the closest she can get to ice, her medium of preference: “I would like to cast them into ice, let it melt away, and cast the melting—that’s what I want my work to feel like,” says Lieberman. Opening: July 25, 6-11 pm.


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