Big Head Brigade Coming to Dumbo

The Big Heads are coming! The Big Heads are coming! Megan Marlatt is bringing her Big Head Brigade to the Dumbo Arts Festival (September 26-28).

The original proponent of Big Heads, having been making them for several years now, Megan undertook a residency in 2012 with Ventura and Hosta, master artisans of capgrossos. At their studio in Navata, Spain, she learned the craft of making the heads  which are a vital part of the Spanish folk art tradition, traditionally made for carnivals and parades.

The Brigade has expanded to include other artists and describes itself thusly: "We are an artist collective whose mission is to create big heads in the Spanish papier-mâché (or cartro pedra), tradition and perform in them." 

The arts festival in Brooklyn is a three-day event with Interactive installations, open studios, crafts for children and the Big Head Brigade. For more information about the festival:

The raves are already coming in. The Brigade was mentioned in the most recent issue of The New Yorker on page 11, in the Above & Beyond Page.
"Two members of the Big Head Brigade, an art collective that builds giant wearable heads and performs in them, will be roaming the streets posing as New York's art-critic power couple, Jerry Saltz, of New York Magazine, and Roberta Smith, of the Times, giving a thumbs-up to artists along the way." And it was listed as Number 1 on this list of "9 Interesting Things to Look For" at the Dumbo Festival in

Check out the Big Head Brigade’s Facebook @bigheadbrigade


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