Margery Amdur in L.A.'s "ArtVoices"

In 2012 Margery Amdur began using cosmetic sponges to construct her surfaces, drawn to them for their softness, texture and gender specific association.

Margery orders the sponges in bulk. They come in five different sizes, which she glues together by the thousands, making formations that become the building blocks of her compositions. She under-paints these sponge assemblages with gouache and ink layering pastel pigment on top to produce complex abstract markings Some of her sponge pieces are relatively flat and look like topographical maps—Margery describes these works as "maps to places unknown...personal landscapes—others resemble bulging giant amoeba-like shapes or enormous blooms of coral. 

Both pliable and textural, we sense the softness of this unorthodox yet surprisingly dynamic and sensual surface. It adds an appealing contrast to the intensity of Margery's marks. Margery Amdur is the subject of a profile and article in the Los Angeles-based ArtVoices magazine.


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