Annaghmakerrig (Tyrone Guthrie Center) Valentine

To all at Annaghmakerrig (a name I can spell—finally—without looking it up!)

The Guthrie Family

Jim and his grounds
McGinns' pub
Charlie Adams and his taxi
The groundskeeper at the Parish Church, who opened especially for me
All at Mt. San Angelo — Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
Everyone whose name (or deeds) I failed to note, though our paths criss‐crossed
Thank you 
‐‐ for the wholesome and appetizing food that fueled my novel, padded my belly, and
   gave me energy to wrestle my plot to the ground and the courage to, in some cases, 
   kill it.
‐‐for the bike that took me to Newbliss and back along the wee roads.
‐‐for the attention to detail, the thorough and regular room cleaning, a luxury that 
  allowed me, a slack housekeeper, to forget chores.
‐‐for the smooth, rolling sea of green and the smell of roses and grass  that sailed 
  through my window
‐‐for the lilting language, curiosity, warmth of  Irish hosts and guests
‐‐for the kingfisher on the tire at the boathouse, for the herons' call and cows' bellow
‐‐for freezing lake water that baptized me each day.
‐‐for the ghosts
‐‐for the fellow artists who have inhabited, or will inhabit, this world apart.
                                                                         VCCA Fellow BettyJoyce Nash
                                                                          Photos: VCCA Fellow Adam Giannelli

 VCCA composers are invited to apply for an exchange residency to Tyrone Guthrie Centre.  Deadline: December 1, 2014. Application available here.


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