Craig Pleasants' Octagonal Living Unit Debuts

VCCA’s former Artistic Director Craig Pleasants’ Octagonal Living Unit (OLU) kit is finished and he’s ready to celebrate! As many of you know, Craig has been laboring over his super energy efficient "tiny house" for many years.

I had the idea and designed and engineered the house with these building panels in 2006. Charlottesville architect Alan Scouten introduced me to the panels and helped me engineer the kit using them way back then,” explains Craig.

But the very first OLU, which Craig and Sheila lived in, was built in 1981 using found and salvaged materials for $3,000.

Craig has channeled his considerable background as a highly regarded sculptor focusing on shelter-like constructions, which responded to or incorporated nature into his innovative OLU design.

The house may be only 450-square feet, but it has an unexpected and welcome expansiveness. This is because its octagonal shape, features an open design, with no 90-degree corners, and a spacious cathedral ceiling. Artfully positioned windows flood the interior space with light.

Easy to assemble, the structure is comfortable, livable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Downsizing is a major trend these days and Craig’s OLU is an attractive option for those who prefer cozy, turnkey living. The unit also would make an ideal studio or guesthouse.

Craig and Sheila will be hosting an open house on Saturday, November 1, 4 -7 pm to celebrate this exciting milestone for Craig. Come see the OLU while it is still light!

Check out this: and this: Octagonal Living Unit Project Facebook page for further details.


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