Hoysted and Schön: VCCA Geocaching Project

Roland Schön and Jackie Hoysted are currently collaborating on a Geocaching participatory art project that will entail placing small pieces of artwork hidden along a trail on the VCCA grounds. The trail along with the GPS coordinates of where the hidden artwork is hidden will be uploaded to a geocaching website so that future residents of VCCA can discover who went before them. (Geocaching is like a treasure hunt except the location of items is uploaded to a website https://www.geocaching.com/).

We are hoping for participation from the current fellows to submit a piece of artwork, writing, poem etc so that the trail is a unique path of discovery.   All submitted works will be dipped in wax to protect it from the elements (fading will occur over time).


- submitted works should be less that a half sheet of paper (A4)
- must be delivered to Roland or Jackie by Friday (installation is the weekend)
- don’t forget to include your name and website
- do not write on both sides of the paper as the paper will become translucent when       dipped in wax

Feel free to ask Roland or Jackie any questions. 


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