Tam’s "high reps/low sets" at Connecticut College

Jessica Tam’s high reps/low sets opens at Connecticut College on October 23. Jessica will present a talk about her work at 4:15 followed by an artist’s reception: 5:00 – 6:00 PM.

As many of you know it was Jessica who produced the wonderful murals that adorn VCCA’s pool. 

Whether using oil, charcoal or ink, Jessica employs a palette that is largely back and white with a judicious use of one or two intense colors. Her work is high energy and the black and white allows her to focus on a remarkably diverse language of line, gesture and form. 

Her technique also allows her to achieve such an interesting variety of textures as well as dramatic effects of light and shadow. Many of Jessica's pieces appear abstract, but in others, we detect the presence of the figure. In either case, the works have a considerable brio and strength. Through December 5. www.jessicaJtam.com


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