Marion Belanger’s Work in Haverford Show

Marion Belanger’s work is included in The Female Gaze: A Survey of Photographs by Women from the 19th to the 21st Centuries at Haverford College’s Atrium Gallery in the Marshall Fine Arts Center.

Women have been involved in the photographic medium’s history almost from the beginning working across photographic genres including portraits, travel, landscape, documentary and conceptual photography. Women photographers have played an important role not only in the making of photographs, but also in the very invention of the medium. The same cannot be said for other visual media.
“The creative impact of women photographers as diverse as Julia Margret Cameron in the 19th century, Bernice Abbott in the 20th century and Carrie Mae Weems in the 21st century have defined the very best that the medium is capable of.”
Marion’s landscape photographs record images where boundaries between one area and another are clearly seen, setting the differences off in high relief. Her work explores both permanence and change in images that are of nature and the world which contains man — how these two conflict and also cooperate. In her Rift /Fault series, Marion photographed the land-based edges of the North American Continental Plate: the San Andreas Fault in California, and the Mid-Atlantic Rift in Iceland. As Marion says: “The images portray moments of quiet anticipation in settings that shift between the wild and the contained, the fertile and the barren, the geologic and the human. The dichotomy creates a visual tension that questions the uneasy relationship between geologic force and the limits of human intervention.”

The photographs on view have been selected from the Haverford College Fine Art Photography Collection and include works by Lady Hawarden, Imogene Cunningham, Claude Cahun, Nan Goldin, Vivian Maier and Tacita Dean. Through November 30.


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