Adam Grossi's "Wind Through Quiet Tensions" to Be Published

Adam Grossi is a Chicago-based artist and a yoga practitioner. Having successfully melded the two disciplines, Adam produces work that is a combination of painting, drawing, writing, chanting, breath-oriented movement and contemplation. It sounds incredibly serene and fluid.

But things weren’t always that easy. At 21, Adam’s mental health imploded. Blindsided by this calamity, Adam was looking at a grim future. But he managed to navigate the subsequent decade through trial and error, and emerged healthy.  Adam’s account of his experiences, Wind Through Quiet Tensions is being published by The Chicago Perch a creative platform for social exchange in February 2015. Both hand-bound, hardcover (limited edition of 50) and a paperback version are both available for December pre-sale.  Adam is also producing a handsome limited-edition print based on the book's cover.

Wind Through Quiet Tensions is divided into two parts. Part One, entitled: Thicket focuses on Adam’s journey through mental illness, psychotherapy, and therapeutic applications of yoga and ayurveda. Part Two: Garden is a collection of musings on “what it meant for me to be sick and how I’ve been able to heal.” Photo by Paul Goyette


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