Marjory Bassett

In honor of our generous Fellows who have made bequests to VCCA we have decided to spotlight them periodically on the blog. Marjory Bassett was one such Fellow. A fiction writer from New York City, Marjory was in residence 14 times between 1985 - 2001. She loved VCCA.

The author of the novel Never Say Stark Naked (Welcome Rain Press, 2002), Marjory was chairman emerita of the Literary Committee of the National Arts Club in New York for many years, and she was known for her sense of style – bright bows on her patent leather shoes and colorful scarves in her hair. She had a wonderful laugh and a great sense of humor.  

Marjory's favorite studio, W4, was renovated in her honor by a number of VCCA Fellows and friends, spearheaded by Susan Jackson, Buffy Morgan, Mary Page Evans and Cora Tabb.

The generous support of these individuals and donors such as Marjory Bassett make possible the creative haven that is VCCA.


Hilde Weisert said…
I am sitting in Studio W4 at VCCA right now, at the great beautiful desk, so grateful to this place and, now that I know (from the plaque on the wall that led me to find out about Marjory and the two blog posts, this one and the earlier, to Marjory Bassett, and all those whose spirits have inhabited this room.
Thank you!
-- Hilde

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