Rob Tarbell in Installation Magazine

Rob Tarbell’s new work from the All Ages and Failure to Appear series was featured at Decorazon Gallery (London) at SCOPE Miami.  

Installation Magazine has posted an article and video studio visit/interview of Rob by Matthew McLendon, Modern and Contemporary Curator at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art as part of their coverage of Art Basel, Miami.

Rob was awarded the 2014/2015 John Ringling Towers Fund Individual Artist Award by the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County for the Failure to Appear series.

For sometime now, Rob has been using smoke in his work to create lyrical gesture and a mysterious atmospheric quality. Rob uses paper suspended above a flame to take advantage of smoke’s natural inclination to rise. Wearing a flame resistant suit and using a fresh air system with a mask and air hose, he carefully controls the accumulation of smoke on the paper surface. In some works Rob allows the Wearing a flame resistant suit and uses a fresh air system with a mask and air hose.

One series from Failure to Appear that uses aspects of silkscreen technique to repeat the image, prominently features holes accidentally made during the smoking process. These become more pronounced in subsequent versions of the image making for a very interesting and rather unsettling degradation of the original image.


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