2015 Wachtmeister Winner Announced

VCCA is delighted to announce that Anne Ferrer has been selected by the Fellows Council as the next recipient of the Wachtmeister Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Established in 2003 and originally called the VCCA Award for Excellence in the Arts, the Wachtmeister Award is endowed by VCCA board member Linda Wachtmeister and administered by the Fellows Council. It is presented bi-annually to a prominent writer, visual artist, or composer whose significant achievement in the arts is widely recognized and who has never been in residence at the VCCA. Applicants must have worked professionally for at least 15 years and have demonstrated substantial achievements in their field, including a significant record of exhibition of their work. 

This year the award was earmarked for a 3-D artist, sculptor or installation artist. Anne will be taking her one-month residency at VCCA in late 2015 or early 2016.

Based in Paris, France, Anne is known for her exuberant, brightly hued cloth “balloon” sculptures that combine a sophisticated eye with joyous playfulness.

“I have the desire to achieve in my sculpture an accessible, spontaneous experience for the viewer that is bold, exuberant, swollen, but also exquisitely delicate and smart. I combine two mediums that seem to naturally accomplish this best: air and lightweight colorful fabric. I restrict the form with the stitches and seams, so that they will become intricate organisms as the pieces balloon. I use this unexpected alchemy to achieve beauty, through a sensual lightness and a bold presence.”



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