Fellows Council Elections

The following Fellows have just been elected to the Fellows Council by the current Fellows Council:

Amie Oliver, visual artist, Richmond, VA
Charles Adès Fishman, writer, Bellport, NY
Jaqueline Jones LaMon, writer, Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Schamess, writer, Washington, DC
Suzy Sureck, visual artist, Gardner, NY
Ami Sands Brodoff, writer, Montreal, Canada – International Fellows Representative

The International Fellows Representative is a new position on the Fellows Council, created to give a voice to the growing community of international VCCA Fellows. Ami is the first person elected to fill this role.

These Fellows have been elected to a four-year term of service that concludes at the end of 2018.

The six continuing members of the Council are:

Andrea Carter Brown, Chair, writer, Los Angeles, CA (Class 0f 2014)
Sally Bowring, Vice-Chair, visual artist, Richmond, VA (Class of 2016)
Christopher Preissing, composer, Chicago, IL (Class of 2016)
Enid Shomer, writer, Tampa, FL (Class of 2016)
Holen Sabina Kahn, filmmaker, San Francisco, CA (Class of 2016)
Lisa Sewell, writer, Philadelphia, PA  (Class of 2016)

Andrea Carter Brown was elected Chair of the Fellows Council in the fall of 2013, and Sally Bowring was elected Vice-Chair at that time. They will serve until the end of 2015. New officers will be elected in the fall of 2015 and will begin their terms in January 2016.

Three Fellows have rotated off of the Council this year: Ben Marshall, playwright, NJ; Joelle Wallach, composer, NY; and Martha Tod Dudman, writer, ME.

Sheila Gulley Pleasants remains as the staff liaison to the Fellows Council.

There will be a Fellows Council meeting at VCCA in late May 2015.  A number of Fellows Council members will be in residence at that time.


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