Cheryl Fortier in Residence at VCCA, Mt. San Angelo

VCCA Fellow and Resident Director of the Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, Cheryl Fortier just completed five weeks at Mt. San Angelo. Cheryl is known for her love of nature and her evocative and poetic paintings of water. In these works, Cheryl deftly conveys the way water looks in its myriad states, while masterfully capturing its elemental wateriness.

While at VCCA, Cheryl found herself moving away from water for the most part, painting a striking series of interior views of other Fellows' studios after they'd been vacated. Not surprisingly, the paintings all have a watery quality. This is particularly noticeable in the view of a desk before a window, where sprightly brushstrokes and the play of light and shadow on the floor seem to suggest a limpid pool.

Part of the works’ appeal is their large scale and the scaled down compositions which allow us to focus on color and technique and to admire wonderful little passages: a pair of rubber gloves, eyeglasses on a shelf, paint splatters on a sink rim, a flowering sprig in a glass. These lovely quotidian vignettes enliven the paintings without detracting from the overall contemplative mood.  

Cheryl also worked on several boat paintings, which may or may not be included in her 21 Boats project; she was unsure how these recent pieces would work with what she had already completed. Cheryl returned to Vancouver where she lives when not at her post at the Moulin à Nef. She and her husband, John Alexander, will be heading to France in May.


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