Lisa A. Phillips's "Unrequited Love: Women and Romantic Obsession"

Hailed for its candor, intelligence and superb prose, UNREQUITED: Women and Romantic Obsession by Lisa A. Phillips is a highly personal account of how she, a stable, accomplished professional, was transformed by unrequited love into someone ruled by an obsessive fixation.

From her unique perspective, Lisa explores the many dimensions of romantic obsession with in-depth research in science, psychology, cultural history and literature. Lisa examines the perils and power of obsessive love in women’s lives, detailing how romantic obsession takes root and blossoms into something that so controls our thoughts and behaviors.

A professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz. Lisa is the author of Public Radio: Behind the Voices. Her articles have appeared in such national publications as The New York Times and The Boston Globe. A former radio journalist, Lisa has contributed stories to NPR and other public radio stations. She first addressed the topic in a highly acclaimed New York Times “Modern Love” column.


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