Peter Snoad’s New Play, "The Draft" to Debut in September

Peter Snoad’s new play, The Draft will be at the Hibernian Hall, a multicultural performing arts center, in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood from September 10-20 where Peter is playwright in Residence.

Using the stories of real people as described in Tom Weiner's book Called To Serve, Stories of Men and Women Confronted by the Vietnam War Draft, Peter deftly presents the terrible dilemma confronting millions of young Americans and the choices they made which changed their lives forever.

The drama is interwoven with music, archival photos, video clips and poetry. “Together, they give voice to the passion, the anguish, the joy, the inspiration, and the intense personal and collective struggles of a generation,” says Peter.

Peter devoted his VCCA fellowship to working on
The Draft, organizing a reading of an excerpt of the play for the VCCA community when he was here.

This year marks the 50
th anniversary of the arrival of the first U.S. combat troops in Vietnam and the 40th anniversary of the end of what the Vietnam War.


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